Want more eyes on your marketing message?

Need more exposure for your business, charity, event or organization?

Need to create brand awareness for your new business?

Want to stay one step ahead of your competition?

Forward-thinking business owners, charities and event organizers are turning to a relatively new technology, proximity marketing on the GO, to help them stay one step ahead of their competition.

Whether you're a bricks 'n' mortar business, home-based contractor, event organizer, realtor, network marketer, charity, church or not-for-profit, proximity marketing on the GO can help you create brand awareness and more business exposure through marketing messages that appear...

where most people spend a huge amount of time looking—on their smartphones!

If you have not heard of proximity marketing on the GO, and want to know how to get more eyes on your marketing message...

Watch this short video to see how proximity marketing works!

Now available: a stationary GO with longer broadcast range and three messages, more subscription package options, consierge service to help you set-up your messages, and more marketing solutions to help you grow your business!

If you are a business owner, realtor, entrepreneur, network marketer, event organizer or charitable organization and need more brand awareness and exposure to your business, event, charity or fundraiser, you NEED to start using Proximity Marketing on the GO to broadcast your marketing message NOW!

Proximity Marketing works!


Get a Complimentary Locally-optimized Magnet Page valued up to $1000 (US) with your Proximity Marketing package.

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how it works

Want to know more about Proximity Marketing on the GO?

Watch this short video below or visit my affiliate website to find out.

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Subscriptions are currrently 50% off until the end of the year and come with FREE GOs. All proximity marketing services are subscription-based, payable monthly, so you can cancel at any time. And if you're looking to earn residual income by sharing this awesome technology with your network, affiliate subscriptions are currently only $29.97 and come with a fully automated marketing system!

The only question now is... how many GOs do you need?

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Who is Proximity Marketing for and which subscription should you choose?

Proximity Marketing is for any business owner, charity, organization, event organizer, realtor, home-based contractor, entrepreneurs, network marketers etc. who are looking to create more exposure and brand awareness to their target market within close proximity to their location, wherever they, their partner/spouse, family, staff or vehicles go.

There are a number of subscription packages to choose from. The service you choose depends on the number and type of GOs you need, which in turn depends on how many staff, vehicles, and locations you can take or place a GO.

Do you need portable GOs?

The portable GO, which you or your staff can carry with you every where you go, is ideal for: realtors, insurance angents, home inspectors, home & business contractors, entrepreneurs, photographiers, videographers, marketers, website designers, coaches, direct sales professionals, network marketers, event organizers, charities, not-for-profits and any business with staff, vehicles or friends and family who can carry the GO with them everywhere they go.

Do you need a stationary GO?

The new stationary GO, which has a longer broadcast range and can be programmed with 3 messages, is ideal for bricks 'n' mortar businesses, organizations and franchises, including but not limited to real estate & insurance brokerages, retail stores, restaurants, cafes, coffee shops & bars, hair salons and spas, gyms & health centres, car dealerships & autoshops, churches, charities & not-for-profits, etc.

Proximity Marketing on the GO can help create brand awareness and exposure for any business, entrepreneur, event or organization.

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Never heard of Proximity Marketing before?

Want to know what Proximity Marketing on the GO is?

Proximity Marketing on the GO uses a proprietary web-based programming system that allows users to create any number of messages each with a clickable link. You then program each GO that comes with your subscription with your chosen message(s) which can be viewed as a notification on enabled smartphones and mobile devices that come within close proximity of the GO. Since this tiny wireless piece of hardware can fit in the palm of your hand it  can be used anywhere and everywhere you go.

Think of it as having a digital billboard in your pocket, purse, bag or vehicle!

If you are a business owner, entrepreneur, realtor, network marketer, church, charity or not-for-profit needing more exposure or brand awareness, with proximity marketing on the GO, you can get your message out to your local market 24/7 everywhere you GO—at the mall, the ball game, your kids' school, on the train while travelling for work, when servicing customers at their location; even at the beach or at home while sleeping!

Combined with your current marketing strategy, this affordable marketing technology can help create brand awareness and more exposure to your business and includes a clickable link to any website—lead capture page, blog, affiliate website, or even a social media channel such as Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn profile, Instagram account or YouTube.

All you need to do is craft an attention-grabbing message of around 40 characters or small ad with graphic (available with the add-on service), add a URL to click to and the web-based programming platform and proximity marketing technology will do the rest. You can even track exposures in real time.

Ideally, you then take or place your GOs wherever your target market is.

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When can you use Proximity Marketing on the GO?

Proximity Marketing on the GO works 24/7/365 days of the year. The GO comes with an On/Off switch, but most people prefer to leave their GOs on so they can promote their business even while asleep, watching a movie or relaxing at the beach.

Where can you use Proximity Marketing?

bar or restaurant
place of business
food court at mall
at the mall
airplan in London, England
around the world
sports arena
sports arena
gym class
yoga or gym class
school bus
picking up the kids

With proximity marketing on the GO, you can advertise your business wherever you go or wherever your market is—even at the beach, airport or ball game!

Proximity Marketing is designed to advertise hyper locally—that is, generally in close proximity to your business location. However, if your target market is in multiple locations, you have a broad service area or you have an online market that can be located anywhere, you can use it wherever you, your staff or your vehicles go—even abroad.

For best practices, place your GO in close proximity to your business location and/or where your target audience is located, choose appropriate messaging that matches the destination page and ensure the web page your link goes to is locally optimized.

Just some ideas to help you decide where you can use the GO

Keep a GO at your place of business, your store, restaurant, coffee shop, office; carry a GO in your purse, pocket or bag; put one on your vehicle's dashboard or place one strategically where there is high, slow-moving traffic.

Realtors can place a GO on the window sill of a house for sale, stick one to the sign board or carry one in their pocket to drive buyers to their listing or virtual tours.

Small business owners can give a GO to their spouse/partner, family member or staff and promote their business everywhere they GO!

Charities and not-for-profits can give a GO to all their Board Members and volunteers to take wherever they GO.

You can even use the GO on your travels to target your market in different cities and countries around the world—everywhere you do business.

Never be without a GO so you can promote your business wherever you GO!

NOTE: the GO works best where there are lots of people, so for rural businesses and home-based businesses, ideally you would keep one with you everywhere you go, give one to a family member or friend who lives or works in a larger city or place one strategically in a high, slow-moving traffic location such as the mall, a coffee shop or busy restaurant. The possibilities are endless.

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